Brigitte Schiller 2020-04-26

Consider our authority when it comes to schooling individuals on the essence of music, with particular emphasis on the piano. For some, the keyboard is an enigma that needs unraveling; for us, she is a part of our family — little wonder why we take delight in unsettling the mysteries and preconceived notions about the piano.

We are good at what we do, and the strategy we employ in tutoring our diverse students base stands us out of the several piano schools out there. We know the nitty-gritty of what being proficient in piano entails and have no reservation in revealing them to the students who come under our tutelage.

We understand that piano is a very competitive aspect of music and so we are constantly evolving in our approach to teaching. This way, our students can compete with the best of the best from all across the globe and still stand out.

Aside from training on the piano, we give our students the exposure that is required to dispel fears and stand before huge audiences to show up their art without being intimidated or timid.

Our center of learning has a charming beckoning ambiance, which in itself makes learning conducive. Over the years, we have massively invested in bringing onboard highly-sort after piano tutors with international affiliations and exposure. Even though this places a lot of demand on us, we are inspired more by the results we seek to achieve and have achieved.

At our Piano school we also let students work directly with companies writing and creating ambiance music for hotels and casinos. We have especially worked with online casinos such as casino 888 with composing their live casino music in their game lounge, to let their players/clients get in a great gambling mood.

We have all kinds of pianos in our collection so that students familiarize themselves with it.  Our syllabus is extensive and very rich, preparing the students for the demands that characterize the path they have decided to tread.

Resources are available to students in our very buoyant library to carry out research and expound knowledge; with us, you cannot help being master of the piano.

There are countless testimonials from students who we have serviced, and this further goes to give credit to what we do so gallantly. Are you thinking of learning the piano and thrive as a boss in it? Then there’s just one place to make that happen— here at our piano institute; come, let’s get talking WITH ACTIONS!

Even though we all can distinguish the sound of a classical piano, our ears might be fooling us