Importance of Piano to Songwriting

When considering songwriting, one musical instrument amidst others can indeed ease your job, and that’s the piano. The reasons piano can be your best friend as a songwriter isn’t farfetched when you consider the following:

  • Polyphonic Instrument: Because the keyboard is an orchestral instrument, it gives you the leverage to sustain the pedal and play up every single key at the same time.

  • The piano accords you an opportunity to play both the chord and melody at the same time.

  • You can play the lead and the backup at the same time since the chords and melody can intermingle more easily and intimately with each other.

  • With the piano, you can have two melodies going on at the same time.

  • Lead melodies from a piano are catchier than that of other instruments.

  • You can use the keyboard to compose vocal melodies irrespective of the genre.

  • Getting instant feedback of the melody about the backing chords and other parts of the song is way more natural with the piano because you can play the rhythm and the theme at the same time, which is almost impossible with other instruments.

  • Melodies created with a piano are more likely to stick with anyone listening than tunes just hummed off the heart.

  • Generating an evolving melody is more comfortable with the keyboard since you can easily slide your whole hand several inches in a bid to get a valuable pitch change out of a guitar, while some can play over an octave range; however, playing piano scales can be achieved without involving your fingers.

  • Vocal melodies written from a piano will usually sound more dynamic in range than those gotten from other instruments. Plus, with an increase in range there will be more options created; invariably leading to more melodies. This way, you can easily predict the effect of your music on your listeners.

  • Pianos are way easier for tonic solfa notations and possess a very classic sound

  • Keyboards are preferably the choice for songwriters as they make it easy for them to work with complex songs.

  • The piano inspires the songwriter

The advantages the keyboard offers a songwriter are truly enormous, and that’s why every songwriter should try and get acquainted with how the piano works. Most often, songwriters who aren’t interested in playing songs can hardly see the relationship between writing songs and a musical instrument. The difference is evident when you come across a songwriter who understands the piano or at least employs it in songwriting.

Getting the right keys for songs written could not have been more comfortable with a piano. You seem to know even before you hit the studio with your song that you are on point.

If you are a songwriter with no clue as to how the piano can help you better, then you should think of attending our school. One thing you would find out afterward is that you are a better songwriter when you write songs using the piano.

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