Over time we have come to understand that one of the things that make a world- class piano player different from another is exposure. The amount of exposure a piano player subjects himself to have the propensity to build confidence when they play, and that ultimately increases creativity.

Organizing piano contests and competitions are a significant part of what we do. We are continually preparing our students in-house to compete within themselves and as well develop them to participate in world-class competitions held across the globe.

We aim to get our students to participate in the most renowned piano competition of international standards such as:

The Ignacy Jan Paderewski contest, International Chopin piano competition, Piano competition F. Liszt which holds in Budapest, Tournament Busoni convening in Bolzano, Bach competition observed in Leipzig, Maria Canals competition which is celebrated in Barcelona, amidst others.

The stakes involved in participating in these competitions are high. This is why we continuously seek to prepare our students for the demands that come with being out there.

In-house, we also encourage competition and contests among our students, rewarding the best player after every given challenge, so they all look forward to stepping up their game. We offer rewards in the form of discount offers in the payment of tuition to the best students, scholarships, and an opportunity for them to represent us in external contest/competitions.

This is why the ambiance in our center is always filled with a sense of purpose, as every single student is often busy with a task or an assignment that motivates them to be the best at what they have chosen to do.

Healthy competitions and contests are ways to bring out the best of even those you may think are weak links. And that’s why we continuously employ this measure in our services to bring out the best in our students, and the result has been impressive.

Students that graduate from our school are often highly sorted after, and that’s one strong profile we have built for ourselves—that we continually deliver. Are we planning to downplay on this reputation? Not anytime soon!