Piano Courses

The sophistication of a piano academy centers on the courses offered students. An academy that has a laid back curriculum will not produce students that are any different. We pride ourselves in having a very robust curriculum that embraces courses that are relevant in this dispensation. No wonder our students have potentials to contest with the best of students from renowned colleges, and excel.

Our curriculum takes a unique approach in a bid to get students engaged. With the courses we offer, students can get to start playing the piano even before understanding the nitty-gritty of the music theory.

Some of the courses we offer are not different from what you will find from internationally acclaimed top-notch piano institutes. We provide comprehensive beginners courses, intermediary, and expert courses. So no matter your level when it comes to piano, we know exactly where to fit you in.

All these levels have courses that are akin to them, and we endeavor to carry every single person along. There are loads of assignments, research-based course work, and practical sessions before the expiration of a students’ time with us. Every student is meant to compose a song from any genre and make a presentation using the piano before graduation from our institute.

After presentations and tests, students who do exceptionally well in our courses are offered a superior rating, which qualifies them for promotion to the next class in the following year. Those who don’t perform as well as those with excellent rating are either told to repeat or passively promoted; depending on how much their scores were.

Superior- 5 points

Excellent- 4 points

Satisfactory- 3 points

Fair- 2 points

Needs improvement- 1

A 15 points aggregate scored by a student qualifies them for a certificate alongside the first gold cup. If the student keeps up performance and earns another 15 points, then a larger gold cup is won.